AI-Driven Online Learning Ecosystems

IBL builds end-to-end online learning programs at scale. Full course production and platform deployment services developed on Open edX and all major learning systems.

Customers | September 2019

An AI-powered suite of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Deep analytics and adaptive learning to improve the instructional design process and dramatically improve outcomes on a beautifully crafted platform, starting at a price of $0.10 per student per month.

Proven to Scale by Millions of Learners

Integrated with Your External Systems

Under Your Full Control (No Lock-In)

End-to-end learning ecosystem and video course production at scale

Beautiful courses are crucial to engaging at scale, and we produce video–courses in real-time (no post-production), at a price starting at $5K per course or $30 per filmed minute.

Deployed on Your Servers or Ours

Knowledge Transfer and Onboarding

Video-Driven Course Creation

Prioritize Data, Ownership and the Ability to Engage Learners at Scale

Experience IBL as a Learner

The ibleducation platform is founded on the engagement and usability principles that the underlying edX software has used to attract over 22 million learners to date. The focus is on helping you learn in a way that is enjoyable and efficient.

Behind the scenes it’s about customized dashboards as well as beautiful video, content and a robust social experience with your instructors and peers.

Experience IBL as a Content Creator

At your disposal you’ll have the exact same built-in course creation tools that allowed all kinds of organizations on edX to achieve hundreds of thousands of enrollments.

It’s all about quality, usability and accessibility that you can produce reliably and quickly. Certainly no programming experience required.

Experience IBL as an Administrator

Manage and the course and student data in your platform from easy-to-use interfaces that make it easy for you to distribute instructor responsibilities and understand everything about your learners.

Create customized learning programs and catalogs through our discovery, marketing and ecommerce portals to target each segment of your audience in a personalized way.

Experience IBL as an Engineer

If you want us to, we’ll assemble custom API’s, recurring tasks and user workflows as an extension of your team to ensure that the needs of your instructors and learners are met. You’ll have access to all the code, servers and documentation.

From the beginning, every part of the platform will be built to scale to a virtually unlimited number of learners and courses.  Video: Data-Driven & Open Source Learning on Open edX


Transforming Online Training Across All Sectors

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) aims to educate over 600K developers, data scientists and researchers with
an accessible learning ecosystem under its full control.

NYU Law is using the platform to provide its students with top-quality, specialized programs that supplement its existing curricula. It’s all about effective video, assessments and learning analytics.

As the largest private IT training company in the world with over $400M of ARR, Global is serving its online enterprise market through a deeply integrated and engaging Open edX-based platform.

As the creators of the philanthropic “Freshman Year for Free” program, the mission is to provide 1M learners with full access to all of the College Board’s CLEP catalog as massive courses.

The US Air Force’s learning ecosystem is equipped to provide its community of over 700K members with state-of-the-art courseware incorporating virtual reality content and social networking tools.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is using the platform to provide thousands of its on-campus and distance learners with a powerful course offering focused on data and programming.

IBL was a game-changer for me. Working with the team was easier than working with any engineering team I’ve ever had to deal with.

We hit all of our deadlines on time and they were more than eager to help out with things not directly in our agreement. 
I would recommend them to anyone.

— Adam Tetelman, Platform Manager at NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

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