"EdX Has Delivered 900 Courses to Seven Million Users", Says MIT President in a Letter to Congress

14 May 2012, Cambridge, MA - Portrait of MIT Provost L. Rafael Reif in his office...Photo by Dominick Reuter

In a letter to Congress that requested information about the role of MIT endowment, MIT President Rafael Reif –in the picture above– offers detailed answers and highlights that “our mission charges us to advance knowledge, educate students and bring knowledge to bear on great challenges, for the betterment of humankind”, and “as we strive to serve the nation and the world, our endowment is crucial fuel.”

In this context, Rafael Reif refers to the edX initiative in these terms:

“In May 2012, we collaborated with Harvard University to launch an online learning destination and MOOC provider called edX. As the only leading MOOC provider that is both nonprofit and open source, edX serves as a platform on which dozens of global universities host their MOOCs. To date, edX has delivered nearly 900 courses to seven million unique users, and counts among its partners more than 90 leading global universities, nonprofits and institutions — including Princeton University, the Smithsonian, Harvey Mudd College and Amnesty International.”

Additionally, MIT president mentions the MITx open source educational tool, as well as the OpenCourseWare (OCW) website, that offers, free of charge, all MIT course content, including videos, syllabi, simulations, lecture notes and exams –2,260 courses with 175 million learners in total.

EdX Launches its 2016 Developers Conference New Site

edX has just launched the 2016 Open edX conference website at con.openedx.org.

This event, scheduled for June 14-17 at Stanford University, is focused on the development and use of the Open edX platform. Last year it attracted over 200 developers, system administrators and education specialists.

The new conference website includes 25 confirmed talks and several lighting talks.

Learning with MOOCs Will Be Held on October 6 – 7 at Penn

The third edition of Learning with MOOCs conference will be held on October 6-7 at Penn in Philadelphia.

“Being and Learning in a Digital Age” will be the theme of the event.  Registration is now open.

“MOOCs and online learning now face two substantial trends and opportunities: increasing integration with on-campus teaching and learning, and the growing interest in social, affective learning and personal wellbeing of learners,” said Program Chair George Siemens.

• Website

"Letting Learning Companies Control Analytics Is a Mistake", Says a Known Researcher

candace edx

Candace M. Thille, a known researcher at Stanford University, has issued a warning about the use of big data and learning analytics by education companies, specially since adaptive learning is becoming an increasingly important tool in teaching.

“Letting the market alone shape the future of learning analytics would be a mistake. Colleges should be investing in learning analytics in the same way that they invest in maintaining their buildings,” she said in an interview in The Chronicle.

Candace M. Thille argues that colleges should have more control as a way to use data to predict students needs and deliver the right material at the right time. “You don’t outsource your core business process,” she noted. “When companies lead the development of learning software, the decisions those systems make are hidden from professors and colleges.”

Dr. Lorena A Barba, a professor at George Washington University, has invited data scientists to work with learning scientists to contribute to the field of data-driven education.


Open edX Meetup (April 7th, New York): "Engaging Content, Successful Marketing"

The fourth Open edX meetup in New York will take place on April 7th at McKinsey Academy.  The theme of the event will be “Engaging Content, Successful Marketing”.

Top presenters from Microsoft, Columbia University, Knewton, Fordham University, edX, McKinsey and Free Learning Channel will share their insights through 8-minute talks and a final round table.

This is the line-up of presenters:

Rhonda Nicholson, Microsoft

Michael Cennamo, Columbia University

Kristen Weeks, Knewton

William Fenton, Fordham University

Joel Barciauskas, edX

Sylvia Ko, McKinsey Academy

Derrick Lewis, Free Learning Channel X

Registration is open to anyone and access is free.

Talks will be recorded, distributed throughout the Open edX community and added to our iOS app to be available offline.

This event will be live broadcasted and open to outside participation.

McKinsey Academy, WeWork and IBL will sponsor this initiative.

More info 


The Open edX Conference in Stanford University is on Track

The Open edX Conference 2016 (June 14-15th at Stanford University in Palo Alto) is on track. Registration, with tickets at $200 to $450, is open to developers, system administrators, education specialists and anyone who wants to learn more about the Open edX platform.

Organizers have called for proposals to speak in 40-minute sessions, 5-minute lighting talks and 90-minute workshops.

The conference, which will take place at Lathrop Library, will be focused on the development and use of the Open edX platform. A team of four edX employees (Erin Brown, Joel Barciauskas, Molly de Blanc, and Roberta Wilson) is organizing the conference.

A sponsorship package is also in place.



Huge Potential for New Apps in the Educational Space


Educational apps are mostly games and classroom tools today. The largest student-oriented apps (Duolingo, Quizlet and PhotoMath) only serve a tiny part of students’ needs, leaving huge potential for new entrants.

“Today’s educational content is painful to consume on mobile devices… Most high quality educational sites (Khan Academy, CK-12, Coursera, etc.) weren’t created to answer specific questions, so they don’t show up in these search results,writes Christopher Pedregal, founder of Socratic.org, on EdSurge.com.

  • “Smartphones can give learners superpowers so they can learn more things, more deeply, on their own.”
  • “If you’re building a social product, be thoughtful about whom students want to share with.”
  • “It’s clear that there are billions of people around the world who want to learn, and smart phones could go a long way in making learning more accessible.”
  • Google’s Primer app is a good example of an innovative app.

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MOOCs for Credit Offered for Refugees in Germany

edX announced an agreement with Kiron University, a crowdfunded, German online startup, to help Syrians and other refugees in Europe (59.5 million in 2015) access college courses and earn their degrees.

Under this arrangement, to be started in April 2016, Kiron will add 300 edX courses to its learning platform and edX will issue free verified certificates for specific courses that can translate to college credit with Kiron’s university campus partners.

Participating universities include edX partner RWTH Aachen University, German universities of applied sciences and other European and American colleges.

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