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Maximize the Value of Your Investment
For years we’ve helped the Fortune 500, academia and some of the largest nonprofits successfully deliver at-scale online learning. It’s about truly engaging your learners via data and deep integrations with your systems and processes, which is what we work with you to achieve.
Committed to serving you for the life cycle of your learning initiative
Our advisors, engineers and course creators will be with you every step of the way for as long as you need to help you succeed.
Fixed-Price Quickstart Analysis
Trusted Advisor Relationships
Based on Experience and Best Practices
Specialized software architecture, strategy and content assessments
We’ll start by evaluating your software architecture, strategy and content capabilities to develop the roadmap that works best for you.
Software Architecture Assessments
Implementation and Business Strategies
Engaging Course Creation Processes
Value of over 1,500 hours of research based on experience and best practices
How have IBM, Global Knowledge, NYU, the US Air Force and Freshman Year for Free integrated their Open edX-based learning environments to educate their people, and what implications have they had? Our mission is to save you the time it takes to learn “from experience” and succeed as quickly as possible.
Understand and implement everything at your own pace: POC, Pilot and MVP
We can start with a proof-of-concept learning environment and progress onto a pilot and then an MVP. Anything you need to progressively integrate, test, understand and introduce your people to deliver modern online education at scale.
Quickstart: ramp up with all you need to know for a fixed price in under one week
For a fixed price you’re comfortable with, we come on-site to build a detailed assessment from a software integration, strategy and content standpoint. We understand what it takes, and our goal will be to provide you with all the value in very little time.
We’re proven across all sectors
Learn how we’re helping some of the largest organizations across all sectors transform their online learning.
As the largest private IT training company in the world with over $400M of ARR, Global is serving its online enterprise market through a deeply integrated and engaging Open edX-based platform.
NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) aims to educate over 600K developers, data scientists and researchers with
an accessible learning ecosystem under its full control.
The US Air Force’s learning ecosystem is equipped to provide its community of over 700K members with state-of-the-art courseware incorporating virtual reality content and social networking tools.
NYU Law is using the platform to provide its students with top-quality, specialized programs that supplement its existing curricula. It’s all about effective video, assessments and learning analytics.
As the creators of the philanthropic “Freshman Year for Free” program, the mission is to provide 1M learners with full access to all of the College Board’s CLEP catalog as massive courses.
The School of Engineering and Applied Science is using the platform to provide thousands of its on-campus and distance learners with a powerful course offering focused on data and programming.
IBL is the most responsive partner I’ve had the chance to work with in my 20+ year career. Their knowledge of the Open edX platform and instructional design is outstanding. Their passion and dedication is infectious. Their integrity is beyond doubt.
Paul Tocatlian, Director of Engineering at Global Knowledge
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