Deep Analytics Pipeline

Learning Intelligence Pipeline for
Deep and Predictive Analytics
We’ve built a distributed and highly scalable analytics pipeline that allows you to track and analyze every form of enrollment, engagement and performance data from your learning environment.
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Individual and aggregate data to easily identify the trends that matter
Understand and communicate the value that your learners derive from your courses and what you can do to improve their experience
Individual and Aggregate Analyses
Accessible via Custom Dashboards and API’s
Loosely Coupled Pipeline Built to Scale
Built for Open edX and extensible with unlimited data sources and sinks
Our modular architecture starts with a distributed log that accepts data from virtually any source, including Open edX. It’s followed by an Apache Spark processor, which leverages streaming and batch modes to efficiently process your data. All insights are sent to a data warehouse and manager that communicates with your systems via a series of API connectors.
Extensible learning events’ framework and unlimited data retrieval methods
Your definition of engagement and performance is specific to you and your organization, which is why our events’ framework is built to incorporate custom data points from your learners’ browsers and back offices. The same applies to help your analysts make sense of the data by plugging it into your existing dashboards, API’s and records systems.
Distributed, scalable and resilient architecture to grow with your learners
Every component of the pipeline is independently maintainable, scalable and adjustable to your performance requirements, regardless of whether you have less than 500 or half a million learners. We’ll help you deploy it on your own infrastructure, on-premise, or leverage our hosted platform according to your needs.
Better student outcome by providing automatic adaptive capabilities
IBL Adaptive Engine improves students learning outcomes by automatically providing adaptive capabilities. Based on data collected from learners’ performance and progression within the course, IBL Adaptive Engine results in the ability to pinpoint optimal pieces of content for learners (e.g., video, readings, discussion post, assessment item) across the course.

IBL’s courses, powered with our adaptive engine, will dynamically change the content in response to student interactions with the class, rather than on the basis of preexisting information such as a learner’s gender, age, or achievement test score.
We’re proven across all sectors
Learn how we’re helping some of the largest organizations across all sectors transform their online learning.
As the largest private IT training company in the world with over $400M of ARR, Global is serving its online enterprise market through a deeply integrated and engaging Open edX-based platform.
NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) aims to educate over 600K developers, data scientists and researchers with
an accessible learning ecosystem under its full control.
The US Air Force’s learning ecosystem is equipped to provide its community of over 700K members with state-of-the-art courseware incorporating virtual reality content and social networking tools.
NYU Law is using the platform to provide its students with top-quality, specialized programs that supplement its existing curricula. It’s all about effective video, assessments and learning analytics.
As the creators of the philanthropic “Freshman Year for Free” program, the mission is to provide 1M learners with full access to all of the College Board’s CLEP catalog as massive courses.
The School of Engineering and Applied Science is using the platform to provide thousands of its on-campus and distance learners with a powerful course offering focused on data and programming.
IBL is the most responsive partner I’ve had the chance to work with in my 20+ year career. Their knowledge of the Open edX platform and instructional design is outstanding. Their passion and dedication is infectious. Their integrity is beyond doubt.
Paul Tocatlian, Director of Engineering at Global
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