Global Knowledge Case Study

Global Knowledge
IBL is the most responsive partner I’ve had the chance to work with in my 20+ year career. Their knowledge of the Open edX platform and instructional design is outstanding. Their passion and dedication is infectious. Their integrity is beyond doubt.”
Paul Tocatlian, Director of Engineering at Global Knowledge
Largest Private IT Training Company in the World.
Explore the monetization model that Global Knowledge follows for online trainings.
Platform Featured by CIO Magazine
100+ On-Demand Course Offerings
Full Ability to Control Changes
Meet Global Knowledge.
Global Knowledge is the largest IT training company in the world and is dedicated to developing all forms of educational initiatives, from strictly in-person training to blended learning and digital learning platforms.

They have amassed over 3k training courses across a plethora of IT skill sets, accompanied by a student satisfaction rate of 95%.
The Challenge.
With such versatile educational initiatives, Global Knowledge had to streamline their online learning presence to reach the maximum number of clients in an exciting way.

Based on extensive customer input, they knew their platform needed to respond to market demand with the most relevant and timely content via customized private programs, public training, flexible formats and support for continuing education.
The Solution.
Developed in partnership with IBL Education, Global Knowledge released their learning platform as a heavily customized solution with the Open edX version at its core. Global Knowledge follows a smart monetization model.

Their courses — which vary from fundamentals to advanced industry-specific courses — are profitable as Global Knowledge sells access to individual courses for $90, complete with a course certificate.
The Results.
CIO Magazine recently featured the Global Knowledge learning platform as one of the most innovative IT training offerings on the market.

On the first day of its launch, there were 7k enrollments around the world. In the 8 months since the launch, Global Knowledge has released 165 new courses, with 19k unique users and 117k course enrollments.
The timeline for the design through implementation stages — from proof of concept through the pilot and MVP cycle — was completed within nine months. With a need for constant modification in their online courses, the Open edX platform offered this flexibility, completely under their control.
I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to work with IBL during our implementation of Open edX. My experience with IBL has been mostly with xBlocks. Whenever we have an issue with anything, they are always available to talk with us on the developer forum and get back to us in a very timely manner. I definitely recommend working with IBL. — Chris Schunke, Manager of Multimedia Development at Global Knowledge

“Working with IBL has proven to be extremely successful. They’ve been such a collaborative partner for us, bringing great experience to us, and being extremely responsive. They also have great connections within the marketplace.” -Michelle Lockard, Director of Product at Global Knowledge