Open IBL

First Available Open edX Distribution

Open IBL is an easy-to-handle, production-ready version
of the latest release of the Open edX software (Ginkgo.2).

Free and ready to go from AWS’ AMI marketplace

We took the latest version of the Open edX software (Ginkgo.2), stabilized it and equipped it with a command-line builder to easily get up and running. OpenIBL is a contribution of ours to the educational community.

Steps to launch your Open IBL instance
1 – Go to your Amazon EC2 dashboard
2 – Click on “Launch instance”
3 – Select Community AMIs
4 – Search “OpenIBL”

Launch your prod-ready Open edX

Go to us-east-1’s “Community AMIs”

Search for and select “OpenIBL

Personalize your setup
SSH into your newly deployed OpenIBL instance, and use these commands to change basic settings:

sudo -i
ibl lms-domain
ibl platform-name "My Platform"
ibl platform-email

IBL was a game-changer for me. Working with the team was easier than working with any engineering team I’ve ever had to deal with.

We hit all of our deadlines on time and they were more than eager to help out with things not directly in our agreement. 
I would recommend them to anyone. Video Testimonial

— Adam Tetelman, Platform Manager at NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

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